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Cool Stuff I Did

Nude Nite

Creator of Annual Art Event


Space Shuttle Columbia from Launchpad


Creator of  Brand Identity


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Idea machine


Ideas start on paper. Or napkins. Matchbooks.  Envelopes. The backs of menus. Just about anything. And then they take digital shape and become websites, printed collateral, and television shows. I haven't done the latter. Yet.


What I have done is create award-winning marketing materials for the travel industry as well as innovative work for franchise, entertainment lighting, automotive, cable and communications companies. I've edited columns and written articles—as well as lent my design and photographic skills—for magazines.


It all starts with an idea. And I am an idea machine.


I've created entire campaigns, single components, and websites. I've maintained a social media presence and blogs for companies. Plus, I've written snappy headlines that sell.

Who is this girl?


My current vocation is creative director for Oceanwalker Studios, a boutique design and communications firm based in South Florida. I'm also a mom, wife, camera junkie, and a lover of cheese.  


Things I've done: gallery owner, barista, copywriter, photographer, award-winning marketer, print production, waitress, maker of body-piercing jewelry, painter, magazine editor, purveyor of art and graphic supplies, public relations, custom framer, deli counter worker, and book seller. Definitely not in this order.


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Conceptual artist


Concepts and ideas are the catalysts for any design. I feel fortunate to be able to generate ideas constantly. Some sizzle, some are good, and others simply don't work. But I'm thrilled they continue to generate. Almost self-generate. It's where the moniker "Idea Machine" comes from and I'm proud to boast it.


I've been able to apply my conceptual skills in a variety of ways. I directed an art gallery. I am a photographer and a painter. And I've spent many years in marketing and publishing from creative direction to hands-on graphic designer.


Passionate writer


Writing is my true passion, aside from my husband and son, of course.


I've written marketing pieces, advertorials, editorials, magazine columns, news releases, presentations, speeches and blogs. I'm a social media player, headline-writer extraordinaire and can write copy about anything.


The honest truth is, I love it. I love to write. I was born to write. I live to write. It is my true passion and, of all my creative endeavors, my favorite task to perform.


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