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Two Guest Ideas: ​

A quilt travel blogger and a well-regarded crochet designer.

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Promo Idea​

Come in Friday and get 5% off any flamingo or tropical item.

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Loyalty Program 

The more you spend the more you earn in StitchCraft Silver!

Tshirt idea.png

Loyalty Program 

Create a t-shirt for your loyal customers. Can be purchased with their StitchCraft Silver or cash money. 


New Department​

Introduce handmade and specialty papers and fine writing instruments.

Sunday Craft Bunch.png


Introduce new workshop ideas on an entirely new day! Low-key, Sunday Funday.

If you’re thinking, that’s nice Kristin, but ...

Here are my goals: 

  • To introduce and manage a specialty handmade paper section

  • To manage StitchCraft e-commerce and emails

  • To serve as StitchCraft community manager 

  • To work Sundays 

  • To introduce Sunday workshops (different like paper making)

  • To introduce a StitchCraft loyalty program 

  • To work a blend of onsite PT and remote PT

  • To learn crochet

If nothing, you have five new ideas and two guest options for your podcast.

Or maybe it's everything! 

How about we connect?

Contact me. 

Thank you for submitting!

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