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First bike ride 2022

I rode 3.5 miles.

My first ride of the year.

January has been a busy month with some very cold mornings. Loads of annual checkups, no-school days, work, and some art exhibit(s) prep. Oh and my first retreat, which I planned to ride the stationary at the gym (famous last words!) but didn’t.

Today, I rode. It wasn’t in the forties or too sunny. I took this photo as evidence. I just rode about the neighborhood but did some small intervals of intensity. No climbing either as it was all paved roads. Baby steps, or revolutions as it were.

Also, wear your sunscreen! One of my annual visits was to the dermatologist and I had to have some skin cancer removed at the collar bone. The stitches are due to be removed this Friday. Then it will be a lovely scar. I remembered I had this shirt that has this high zip up collar and thumbholes.

Originally, I had no idea why there were holes. This was years ago but I remember thinking it funny I didn’t instinctively put my thumbs in them. It’s rarely cold down here!

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