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I'm a
contract creative.

Hi, I’m Kristin!

As a contract worker, I lead a nimble existence and can work from anywhere.

In other words, I’m a gig worker. 

I help craft and share your brand's story.

I create content, which is a combination of graphic design and writing.

Or I can just write or just design


Fancier (and longer) explanation: 

I am an award-winning marketing communications professional with exceptional ideation skills, able to collaborate and lead while meeting expectations, budgets and objectives. Long form, short web descriptions, social media, graphic design—you need it, I make it.


Ready to rock your creative needs?
Contact me. 

How about some examples of my work? 


If you want to read examples of marcomm work, click the button. From case studies to advertising to blog posts, it’s a full variety of samples from different industries to read and enjoy. 


Take a gander at some of these pretties. From the humble business card to social graphics to brand campaigns, there’s plenty of imagery to feast your eyes on. One of my favorites is the before and after section. 

Hire me.

If you are looking for someone who is: 

  • Dependable. I am more reliable than spontaneous (but still fun to work with!).

  • Adaptable. I can operate on many facets and enjoy doing work that requires frequent shifts in direction. 

  • People-oriented. I enjoy people, whether interacting one on one or working on group projects.

  • Independent. I thrive in an environment that is not micro-managed and enjoy working with little direction. 

  • Macro-micro thinker. I can focus on the details of work AND the bigger picture at the same time.

Here's how it works


contact me

If you are intrigued by at least one thing you read or saw, then we should connect. Only one thing per person is a huge thing for a creative, so it’s worth it. 


Talk with me

Maybe you’d like to know where that idea came from or have a similar project you’d like to talk through. Let’s chat! It never hurt to send a message or call someone. At least I don’t believe it has. Maybe you can let me know?


hire me

I will take your bulleted list of half thoughts and transform them into a full fledged blog posts, case studies and digital downloads, or e-campaigns and social posts. 


I will take your sticky note drawings or rough PPT files of expressed ideas and refine them in glorious, on-brand design. 

Here’s what you get

1. Freshly produced content

2. Finished files ready for publishing or printing

3. Access to a professional (that’s me!)

How about we connect?
Contact me. 

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